About Judas the Apostle

Dr. Clotile Lejeune, a wounded but resourceful expert on ancient languages in Seattle, has her quiet world shaken when she learns that her father, from whom she has been estranged for 25 years, has been murdered in her Louisiana hometown, leaving her a 2000 year old oil jar inscribed with the name Judas Iscariot. With her soldier son, JE, Cloe goes back in time and place, seeking to unlock the mysteries of the jar, find her father’s killer and to dispel her own personal demons.

With the help of a mysterious cleric seemingly sent from the Vatican, she recovers from the jar the earliest version of the Gospel of Judas Iscariot. But this is only the beginning. What remains for them to find could set the world’s religions ablaze.

 Across the globe, a billionaire arms merchant knows this-and that is exactly his goal. He leaves a trail of bodies in his wake in his pursuit of the jar and its contents with Cloe, JE and their helpers squarely in his crosshairs. From Baton Rouge to Jerusalem, the race for answers is on. Who exactly was Judas Iscariot? Did he betray Christ? What is the past reaching out to tell Cloe

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