The Last Sicarius is the title to the sequel to Judas the Apostle. What is a Sicarius? Well, there was a band of first century Judean revolutionaries named the Sicarii who fought the Roman occupiers of Judea. Sicarius is the singular of Sicarii. Some scholars believe that Judas’ last name, Iscariot, is derived from the word Sicarii. It is speculated that Judas may have been a member of this band of revolutionaries. If so, that would be completely consistent with Judas’ biblical actions. But to figure that out you will have to read Judas the Apostle.

The Sicarii were feared by the Romans even though their numbers were quite small. They were thought to be assassins with a unique signature. The Sicarii, also known as the dagger men, carried short, wicked knives and would attend political and social events where important Roman leaders were expected to be. The daggers, concealed under the robes of the Sicarii, would be used to silently dispatch the Romans. In effect, they were first century terrorists.

Finally, the Romans got fed up with the Jewish rebellion and the Sicarii  and Titus was sent to put the rebellion down. He sacked and burned Jerusalem in AD 70 and destroyed the Temple. To this day, it has never been rebuilt. But the Sicarii escaped the trap in Jerusalem and fled to the mightiest stronghold in the known world at that time…Masada. They thought that they could hold out against the Romans. The Last Sicarius details what happened. It’s one of the most amazing tales in biblical history.

What happens to the Sicarii over the next two thousand years is part of the story and the mystery of who becomes the last Sicarius  and lives to carry on the tradition will not disappoint.

Hope you enjoy.



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Van R. Mayhall Jr. is the senior partner in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana law firm where he practices corporate and business law and handles selected litigation. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, he was educated at Louisiana State University and Georgetown University. He and his wife, Lorri, have three grown children and enjoy boating on Lake Pontchartrain.
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