All…It has been too long since I have posted anything. Much has happened since my last writing. Judas the Apostle has been awarded the Star designation by its publisher iUniverse. This means much more exposure and new marketing among other things. I have been asked to film a commercial for the publisher to explain my experiences in getting published. The book is being marketed in Hollywood and else where for film opportunities. Kirkus has published a very good review.
The sequel, The Last Sicarius is finished and is entering the publishing pipeline. It should be available in a couple of months. So far the peer group reviews on this are very good.
One thing about Judas the Apostle in which you may be interested is the fact that in writing it, I put certain things with hidden meanings in it to entertain myself. I intend to tweet some of these out in the next few weeks to see if anyone gets them. Best.


About vrmayhalljr

Van R. Mayhall Jr. is the senior partner in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana law firm where he practices corporate and business law and handles selected litigation. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, he was educated at Louisiana State University and Georgetown University. He and his wife, Lorri, have three grown children and enjoy boating on Lake Pontchartrain.
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